Waiākea Water Taking Environmental Conservation Seriously

Water security is becoming more and more unpredictable due to the ever increasing human population, prolonged droughts, and future climatic projections. Conservation, therefore, becomes the best way that we can ensure constant supply of clean water for future generations. Every conversation effort that is implemented today will not only impact our future water supply, but will also improve recreational opportunities, our environments, wildlife habit, and much more.

One company that takes environmental conservation seriously is the Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Company. The company’s goal is to provide the world with clean, healthy, delicious water with as little environmental impact as possible.

Environmental protection has always been the cornerstone of Hawaiian culture. In fact, for thousands of years, the Hawaiians have significantly embraced their symbiotic relationship with nature: while deriving food, housing, clothing, canoes, and various musical instruments from nature, they take it as their responsibility to protect and conserve the environments through a wide range of sustainable practices. It is this responsibility that Waiākea Water takes seriously and strives to honor in all its operational aspects.

The company’s environmental initiatives include using globally recognized sustainable fresh water resources, partnering with low emission shipping companies, using only 100 percent RPET bottles, participating in both local and international carbon offsetting and restoration programs.

In comparison to conventional plastic bottles, Waiākea Water’s 100% RPET bottles use less 90 percent water, use 85 percent less energy to manufacture, and lower carbon emission by 90 percent. What’s more, Waiākea Water strives to use the highest quality RPET to make their bottles. Their bottles are also BPA free.

It is not hard to understand why Waiākea Water has been certified by Carbon Neutral as a premium bottled water and beverages company globally. While taking pride of their achievements so far, Waiākea Water’s goal is not only to continue innovating their products, but the industry as a whole.

About Waiākea Water

Founded in 2012, Waiākea Water has been a leader in the Hawaiian volcanic water sector. The company is proud to be among the most recognized companies in the global water conversation front. For every liter of water that they sell, the company donates approximately 650 liters of fresh water to disadvantaged rural communities in Africa through their award-winning non-profit, Pump Aid.