Waiakea Water, Best Water Ever

Waiakea Water has been rated to be one of the best waters of 2017. Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea water in 2012. The water comes from the natural volcanic waters in Hawaii. In fact, the water is filtered through Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water is filled with electrolytes and gives the body natural hydration, energy, and minerals. Waiakea water can even reduced someone chances of obtaining the alzheimer’s disease by 11% since the water has silica in it.

Waiakea has been doing great humane things in order to make the world a better place. Recently Emmons and his water company helped give millions of people in rural places of Africa access to clean water. Even though water is essential to living, some third world countries in Africa do not have access to it. Waiakea water partnered with Pump Aid to provide many Africans with clean water. In the end, more than 500 million liters of water was donated. Visit forbes.com to know more.


Waiakea water is sold worldwide, including throughout different states across the United States. One of Waiakea’s whole sell stores is specialty food. Specialty Food is proud to become Waiakea’s wholesaler. In addition to Waiakea having several health benefits, they also are one of the greenest water companies that have been published so far.

Waiakea is the first company to produce 100% recycled water bottles. In 2018 Waiakea water will be publishing world’s first fully degradable bottle. This is extremely exciting. Even the bottles were used by using all recyclable plastic. People are more willing to buy Waiakea’s products since they are good for the environment. Even though some products say that they are recyclable, they turn out not to be. Sales for Waiakea water has increased more than 4000% throughout the years. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Waiakea is doing an amazing job with saving the world since it usually takes more than 1,000 years for a bottle to degrade. Their new bottles will be able to degrade immediately. Waiakea has taken the first step to make the world a better place.

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