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Coffee has numerous advantages when consumed by an individual. Coffee has the chances of prolonging an individual’s life. Diseases such as stroke and heart diseases are avoided through consuming coffee. The Annals of internal medicine published a report where two studies had been conducted relating to the coffee.

Coffee has both positive and negative health benefits. The research was carried out on the 185,000 Americans who consume coffee. The studies showed that decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee is less likely to cause people to die from heart diseases. The Americans were likely to avoid cancer, stroke, diabetes, and diseases related to the heart. The African-Americans, the whites, Latinos, and the Japanese-Americans were less likely to suffer from diseases related to the kidney. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

From the results of studies conducted, individuals who consumed daily three or two cups of coffee registered a decline in the chances of dying by 18 percent. This was in comparison to the individuals who did not consume the coffee for the 16 year period of study. A study carried out in Europe indicated that individuals who consumed coffee daily reduced their chances of dying compared to those who did not drink.


Individuals who smoke were excluded from the non-smokers during the study. The Organo gold is a marketing company that is located globally. The company has a mission of changing the lives of the individuals by aiding them to attain new levels. The levels include freedom, well-being, and balance through business opportunities and premium products that they provide. Individuals have benefited from being entrepreneurs and being successful. Organo Gold is also available at

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