The Contribution Of Ian King In The Cryptocurrency World

Cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the leading developments in today’s business world. As a result, governments, banks, and several companies have discovered its importance though majority of the world’s population do not understand how it works.

One of the most prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and traders is Ian King with more than twenty years of experience in the business and analysis of the financial markets. His passion in the trade has made him one of the leading contributors of Investopedia; the world’s leading financial content source on the web.

With the focus to help everyday investors, Ian developed an innovative program that enables them navigate litecoin, bitcoin, monero, ripple, and other crypto assets. He began his career working at Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond exchange department as a desk clerk. He later shifted to Citigroup’s credit derivatives before spending a decade at Peahi Capital; a hedge fund based in New York as head trader. In 2017, Ian joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he helped its readers go beyond the flourishing crypto market. King serves as a weekly contributor of Sovereign Investor Daily, Banyan Hill where he keeps the readers updated of the new crypto developments.

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Ian King views crypto as a vital change in the way of transferring value without the need of middle people. It is a unique development that has democratized information in the Internet world and inspired cooperation in business. Consequently, investors are entering the market before participation of institutions because most of them have not determined custodian and security issues according to Cryptocurrency markets have also created the accessibility of early-stage investments that have significantly benefited the investors.

While there has been a rapid increase in the number of wallets in the recent past, investors have not transferred their brokerage and savings accounts into the cryptocurrency world. According to Ian King, there are approximately 30 million open bitcoin wallets globally though most investors own a few so that the actual number of traders with bitcoins is about 10 million. While most of the Main Street entrepreneurs and investors have been waiting for great opportunities, their Wall Street counterparts have continued to prosper.

With the previous entry barriers removed, prominent investors have seen the potential of the crypto development. Additionally, the gains and markets will continue to increase with the gradual introduction of institutional money. Ian says the determining factor from 2018 and beyond is the percentage that an investor wants to own and their other best bet crypto assets.