Talkspace Creates a Modern Platform for a Classic Form of Therapy

Individuals who suffer from depression, personality disorders, and anxiety conditions struggle greatly in our contemporary society. Not only do they need to hold the tremendous amount of stress associated with these conditions, but they must exist in a world where many people don’t consider their experiences a legitimate form of illness.

This becomes increasingly problematic when we take a look at the numbers. According to the ADAA, 16.1 million adults in the US identify as depressed. Countless others experience other mental issues that go unnoticed and untreated. The stigma around these experiences make it challenging to get the correct numbers, since many people feel that it is inappropriate to talk about their feelings.

However, we live in a day and age where there are many more options than going into a traditional therapist’s office. While this is a wonderful resource for those needing connection and support around their depression, it can often be problematic to work around one’s schedule, and can also be an expensive option. Often times money issues are a large part of emotional and mental stress, and going to therapy should not create more of these issues.

This is why Talkspace has been so instrumental in transforming and redefining the face of therapeutic wellness. It has many different options, including individual messaging therapy, individual live talk therapy, as well as couples therapy. A week of each service is more affordable than a single visit to a therapist’s office, with unlimited access!

Since our emotions don’t run on a schedule, being able to send a message to a therapist whenever needed is a huge improvement and allows for a more effective approach to wellness and therapy. As we continue to modernize the face of therapy, we begin to break its stigma, and create a world where people can transcend challenging experiences rather than hide them.