Success Academy Gives Hopes To Public Education

Success Academy is an organization that works to encourage the success of children in college and throughout life. Their schools works as one combined systems where the students learn and advance, and the teachers get together and discuss each child’s welfare. The goal is to make sure the students are emotionally and academically capable of having a smooth transition in school. They strive to teach core knowledge as well as critical thinking through a challenging yet engaging lesson plan. This approach is tailored to promote the independence and skills that each students needs in order to succeed later in life.


Right now, public education is on a fast decline in large metropolitan school districts. Charter schools like the Success Academy are proving to be extremely effective in combating the unfortunate demise on public schools. Since these students are often at a disadvantage since they come for low income, single parents and minority families, Success Academy hopes to be able give them what they need in order to excel later in life. Success Academy has almost 100 percent proficiency rates in English and math. This is a huge contrast to other public schools where this percentage is in the single digits.


The Success Academy network has plans to build a new high school in the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse which is located in Melrose. The school will be named the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts and should be ready for class in the fall of 2018. CEO of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz, believes the transformation of the courthouse into a school will be a new “historic house of learning”. She said it will have more modern classrooms for the comfort of the students. She believes the past of the historic courthouse is very relevant to the Success Academy’s core values, which include propelling children from school to college and future successes.


Since Success Academy currently only has one high school in Manhattan, this new school will help make sure students stay on track before they head to college. High school is a very important time due to the organization pre-college education plan and the growing community needed another option for schooling.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award