Susan McGalla Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Women supporting women in corporations helps to bring gender inclusive companies to the current times. No matter how many steps forward women take in business the numbers still speak volumes. The majority of corporations with men at the highest positions are globally shocking. The United States is ahead of most countries, but no where near where women like Susan McGalla want to see it.

When you think of football it’s immediate that this industry is male dominated. Even though the daughter of a football coach with two brothers stands at the Vice President position of the Steelers organization. Susan McGalla understands the rules of the game, both on the field and in the boardroom. Her skills at working well with diverse groups of people have helped to make her an executive to watch.

A graduate of Mount Union College in Ohio, Susan’s degree in business and marketing was just the beginning of what would soon be an enviable career. Susan is well known for her position as President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle. With Susan at the helm the company started the aerie and 77kids brands. After several ventures she was Chief Merchandising Officer for Wet Seal, Inc. and then founded her own executive consulting business. From there she was offered her current position as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan’s work with women in business is well known in the industry. Her understanding of the difficulties moving to the top present for women. She is no stranger to what doesn’t work and has inside working knowledge of what could. Susan McGalla speaks about an idea of sponsorship in the workplace. The idea would help women by giving them an opportunity through a mentor or sponsor that could see their potential and simply put give them opportunity where they may not have been. Her ideas are forward thinking and she is sure to make a change.

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