Securus Technologies Protecting Officers on the Job

When I show up to the prison to begin my shift as a corrections officer, I must have a clear head and complete focus on the task at hand. If I were to lose that focus for even a second, inmates will spot weakness and put me in a very problematic station. That means that not only am I doing my job, watching the backs of my fellow officers, but I am also trying to maintain order with all these inmates. One slip up as you can see and everything can go from a dangerous situation to a deadly one.


In order to help officers to maintain that order more easily, the prison has reached out to Securus Technologies to help with monitoring the inmates more closely. If we could get an advantage as to what illegal activities they might be up to, we stand a better chance of stopping certain violent acts from taking place and putting my team at risk. Securus Technologies has developed a new inmate call monitoring system that will not only do the work of a team of officers, but it does so more accurately with only the LBS software scanning calls and alerting officers to any potential trouble.


According to Richard Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, his company is dedicated to the objective of making the world a safer place for each of us to live. Making a monitoring system that can prevent crimes is doing that one jail at a time. Now if the inmates are planning to do anything, officers have the unique opportunity to get ahead of the incident and stop it from becoming a danger to anyone. When inmates are discussing contraband, gang issues, weapons, fighting, drugs, or anything illegal in the jail, my team is quit to take action so that nothing goes wrong.