Rocketship Recruitment Style.

Every institution has its policy on some issues. It is the uniqueness of the culture of the business that differentiates it from the rest. Some enterprises have policies that no one else seems to understand.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit institution that helps students from low-income families acquire education. The foundation sorts to eliminate the achievement gap. Rocketship believes every student has the potential for greatness. They inspire the society, ensure their teachers stay empowered and involve the parents in the school activities.

One of the activities that the parents participate in is the recruitment of teachers. Three to six parents are trained on what to look for when interviewing the teachers. The parents get a chance to choose the teachers months before the classes commence. Sometimes the schools hold community meetings to meet the job qualifiers.

The chief executive officer and co-founder of Rocketship, Peter Smith, explained to the Education Week that this was not a new trend. It began back in 2007 in San Jose.

Rocketship has gained a lot of attention from the public, as a result of their customized and unique style of learning. Rocketship has also made parents involvement in their system an important core in their operation.

Peter Smith says that the contribution of the parents is very crucial. He further states that there never disagreements with the teachers or the parents. The system flows smoothly.

Sometimes on seeing the setup, some of the applicants quit. There was one incident when a candidate stood leave in the middle of a discussion. Smith enquired to know what the issue was. The candidate explained that she couldn’t handle the pressure from the parents. Smith says that it was the right thing to do. He says it is good when the candidates realize that they are not right for the post by themselves.

Parents at the District of Columbia school told The Post that they never took the chance to see the candidates lightly. Jermaine Carter, a parent, mentions that it is critical to know the personality of the person handling your child. This culture has, therefore, been proved essential and beneficial to all parties.