Roberto Santiago and Brazilian Shopping Expertise

Roberto Santiago is the name of the Brazilian businessman who is behind Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping located in Paraiba in Brazil. It’s a wildly popular Joao Pessoa shopping center that welcomes countless customers from all throughout the area on a daily basis. Santiago is extremely well-versed with the shopping mall’s location as well. That’s because he constructed it in a town that’s extremely familiar to him. He was reared in Joao Pessoa. He was even born in the city.


Manaira Shopping is notable for many reasons. The commercial hub, first and foremost, is among the biggest shopping centers in the entire South American nation. Brazil is an enormous country, too, making the size of Manaira Shopping even more impressive and noteworthy. The building of this shopping location took roughly two years to complete. A lot of planning was part of the construction project. Its official launch was in November of 1989. That’s when the mall’s team happily opened its doors to the public in Paraiba.


Roberto Santiago is a capable entrepreneur who is constantly focusing on enhancements. He’s always looking for ways to strengthen Manaira Shopping. Santiago recognized that the shoppers who visit the center appreciate food. They love dining out and savoring excellent meals of all varieties. That information is exactly what encouraged him to make a key addition to Manaira Shopping. The shopping mall introduced a gourmet section back in 2014. This gourmet section is home to a broad range of dining establishments that span many diverse sectors. Capital Steakhouse was an eatery that symbolized the beginning of this exciting and thrilling mall addition. It, as its name suggests, is a restaurant that focuses on high-quality steak meals of all kinds.


People who are hungry and want to eat can visit the gourmet division at Manaira Shopping. They can also visit the on-site food court. This court is large and is full of mouthwatering dining opportunities for shoppers. Shoppers can enjoy all types of food options here. They can dine on classic Brazilian favorites of all kinds if they wish. They can dine on pizza, hamburgers, Asian offerings and beyond as well. Roberto Manaira is an executive who likes to make any and all diners feel 100 percent welcome. He never wants to exclude certain taste preferences.


Domus Hall is a big part of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. It’s a spacious concert venue that’s situated within the shopping center. It includes air conditioning for comfort, too. People who want to unwind and experience high-quality music frequently flock to Domus Hall. This hall has been in operation since the autumn of 2009. It can hold a maximum of 8,000 individuals at a time. It hosts musical performances, fairs and more.