Gregory Aziz: Chasing a Dream with National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz may be a leading member of the manufacturing community, but he started his life like everyone else on April 30 of 1949 in the town of London Ontario. When it came to business; however, Greg Aziz had a little bit of an advantage. He was born into the family that would launch Affiliated Foods and though the company started small, it still gave Aziz the experience he craved. Gregory James Aziz, or James Aziz as he was sometimes called, decided to attend college to expand his knowledge. He started at Ridley College and then began a degree in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. He came out hungry and ready to tackle the world.


Affiliated Foods would serve as a training ground for Aziz and he joined the company in 1971. He had learned a lot in school, but this would be where he would apply those concepts. For Aziz, the translation to the real world was simple, and he soon enjoyed enormous success. Affiliated Foods started growing exponentially. They became one of the first companies to start importing fresh food. Customers soon started enjoying food from Europe, Central America, and South America. They also start exporting all over the world. This success exploded the company, but Aziz saw potential in another project.


In Hamilton, Ontario the Dofasco company was looking to sell their manufacturing plant for freight cars, National Steel Car. National Steel Car had been around for quite some time. Having been founded in 1912, it quickly gained popularity and wealth. The company began to decline at the onset of the Great Depression and the Dofasco company sought to unload it. Aziz saw the potential and in 1994 he purchased it through his corporation National Industries Inc. Things were soon going to be looking up for the small company.


The first thing that Aziz did was grow the workforce and oversee a complete overhaul of the manufacturing process. In addition to that, he started to focus more on engineering and quality. National Steel Car was not going merely be a manufacturing plant, they were going to be a center for innovation. Gregory James Aziz realized his dream as today, National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading freight car manufacturers. They hold various honors and certifications that put them miles in front of their competition. It is incredible to think that all this growth came from the commitment of one man, Gregory Aziz. See This Article for related information.