George Soros Fights for an Oppression-free Future

George Soros is a Hungarian-born billionaire with a net worth of just over $25 billion. He was born in 1930, survived the Nazi occupation of his hometown and later moved to England. He became an American citizen in 1961. He is well known for his amazing investment success and his support of left-leaning political causes.

Much of what Soros supports has to do with his belief that the common person does not have enough support and power against their own government. His support, financially and politically, of the Ferguson protests, is a prime example. The protests in Ferguson and in Washington D.C. were in response to the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a local police officer. Soros contributed over $33 million in a single year to help groups mobilize and show their frustration with how people of color are treated by law enforcement around the country. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Soros had scaled back his political donations for a number of years due to his concern that any one individual should have so much influence in the system but began with full strength again during the last presidential campaign. His donations were given to the Clinton Campaign, the DNC and to other various liberal PACs and causes. He has been a staunch critic of former President Obama, who he felt did not pursue the liberal agenda aggressively enough and strongly opposed a Trump presidency.

Politics and business still take up a great deal of his time, but the majority of Soros’ attention and money is directed towards philanthropic causes. These include donations through his foundations to prevent religious discrimination and to protect the rights of women, the disabled and the LGBTI community. He has provided $5 million to UNICEF and the International Crisis Group. He gave more than $75 million to an African project designed to help end regional poverty. He has also given almost $900 billion to the Central European University in Budapest and $100 million to former USSR universities in Russia. Learn more about this article at

George Soros has lived through adversity, insecurity and oppression and is using his influence and wealth to help prevent others from sharing those experiences. He continues to be an open critic of many policies and politicians in the United States and around the world.