ClassDojo: Bridging the gap between teachers and parents

Growing up in the early 1990s the only communication between parents and teachers are only generally parent teacher conferences. In today’s day in age where any information is on the tips of your fingertips, ClassDojo strives to bridge the gap between a child’s studies, teacher’s efforts, and parent’s involvement.

Imagine the possibility where parents have access to find out exactly how his or her child is doing in school. Imagine the possibility of teachers being able to communicate real time with parents regarding his or her students. With ClassDojo, these are achievable things.

  1. Fun

ClassDojo allows for students to have fun in classrooms while earning rewards and achievement points in the app. Students have access to select fun avatars to entice them to treat learning like a game and keeps them motivated.

  1. Transparency

Not all children tell their parents everything and often parents are kept in the dark regarding struggles their children are experiencing whether it be academically or socially. ClassDojo is a way to illuminate parents to their children’s life in school.

  1. Data Reporting

ClassDojo helps teachers to record important data points throughout the year like a child’s merits and demerits. This data is than accessible to parents who can address the child’s behavior immediately. One of the great things about ClassDojo is it’s customization ability. The frequency of reports can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. Real-time communication

With ClassDojo, parents and teachers will have the ability to instant message one another. This allows for each side to communicate another urgent matters like illnesses, lateness, and things of that nature.

It’s not wonder why so many teachers, students, and parents have already fallen in love with this app. ClassDojo has taken a big step in bridging the gap between teachers and parents.