Eric Pulier: Author, Philanthropist, and Futurist Who Is Paving The Way For Tomorrow’s Generation

Eric Pulier is a brilliant software entrepreneur with a spread of interests that fuel his curiosity and make him a well-rounded business man. He graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and later graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature. Ever since, he has worked to help people and children who are poor and that suffer from chronic disease. At Harvard, Eric wrote a regular column that was published in the Harvard Crimson that looked at a range of topics and then moved to Los Angeles after graduating.

In 1991, Eric Pulier created the company People Doing Things, which offered revolutionary tech to education and healthcare industries. He then moved on to found Digital Evolution in 1994, which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. During his lifetime he has co-founded, funded, or founded 15 separate companies and among some of these are MediaPlatformm, Desktone, US Media Interactive LLC., and SOA Software. He has earned millions of dollars with his companies and is known as a technologist and futurist in the industry. he is a sought out technology speaker and was names one of 30 e-visionaries by VAR Business.

Eric Pulier’s Philanthropic pursuits are his favorite part of being successful, and some of his first work for others began with him putting together a multimedia education platform to educate about Multiple Sclerosis. He also helped to build Starbright World, which gave children with chronic illnesses a chance to connect with each other through blog posts and live chats. His service as a board of director with the XPrize Foundation has gave him the ability to help young entrepreneurs gain the funding they need to create amazing solutions to some of the worst problems on Earth. His time spent with the Painted Turtle, a charitable group that offers summer camp for kids with chronic illnesses, has helped many children.

Eric Pulier is a well-known author who co-authored “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” and also published the article “The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” which was published in Forbes Magazine in 2012. Today, he lives in Los Angeles California where he raises four children and lives a happy life.

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Futurism and Technology Entrepreneurship with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is one of the prominent futurists, technological investors, and entrepreneurs. He is perfect in making forecasts on trends in technological globe. Additionally, Hope is a passionate philanthropist and cares about giving back to the society through his various charitable deeds. Born in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope went to the famous Arizona State University where he graduated worthy with a Bachelor’s degree in finance. Later, he earned his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business of Arizona State University.

Initially, Jason’s inspiration in the world of technology was steered by mobile technology. At this juncture, Jason Hope invented Jawa, a mobile communication firm. Eventually, after successful innovations, Jawa would serve as the mother company to other technological partnerships in the sector. Later, Jason upgraded to a nouveau portfolio of investments from which he is currently making a living from as well as helping the disadvantaged in the society. These investments include firms, which deal with business information systems, digital media solutions, marketing and interactive software.

Over the recent past, Jason Hope has risen to become a sturdy devotee of the internet of things. He regularly writes broad content regarding the idea. Hope describes the Internet of Things (IoT) as one of the greatest positively impacting waves to ever hit the tech industry in the world. His views and ideas on the topic are of great value and insights to individuals interested in gearing forward the technology. Internet of things is a state where technology is connected to allow quick and easy synchronization of devices amongst themselves. According to Jason’s prediction, in the future, internet of things will serve as the greatest upgrade to the current technology.

As a charitable person, Jason Hope supports various philanthropic causes both financially and through advice. Recently, Jason made a half a million dollars pledge to SENS Foundation, which is a California-based non-profit organization. SENS serves as a center of Research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies, which is aimed at treating age-related illnesses. Hope is of the belief that those who succeed in life have a social obligation to help the society grow and excel. Jason Hope, through his intense comprehension of the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs, offers not only financial support to these entrepreneurs but also through providing reliable information and counsel.

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