George Soros Supporting Equality In the Society to Build a Better Society for the Generations to Come

George Soros is a wealthy businessman with a big and generous heart is how one can describe him aptly. He has amassed a fortune that is worth over $25 Billion, but over the years he has also given a considerable portion of his wealth amounting to over $12 billion towards various charitable causes. George Soros is a Hungarian born Jew who has seen how the Nazis ravaged his country during his childhood. As he faced the intolerance firsthand, he knows that such atrocities cannot and should not be tolerated in the twentieth century for the betterment and the progress of the society. It is, for this reason, George is never hesitant in raising voice against the increasing racial disparity in the United States and speaks for the freedom of expression, speech, and press. George Soros believes that the society should be equal and fair to all, but he has seen that injustice exists even today and has also helped hundreds and thousands of incarcerated people to get justice and freedom by providing them with legal and financial assistance and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is one of the few men of his age today to support LGBTI community and other marginalized sections of the society that are otherwise ignored by the mainstream population and even the government. He believes that an inclusive government is needed that would support the progress of all its citizens, including the minorities and the marginalized sections. George Soros understands that many atrocities are happening across the globe and has formed the Open Society Foundation to reach out to as many people and deprived segment of the population as possible. Open Society Foundation partners and collaborates with various charities, individuals, and organizations to penetrate the local and regional communities to ensure that the aid reaches the hands that deserve it and what George Soros knows.

George Soros has also played an active role in the United States politics in the last few years, especially during the presidential elections. In the Presidential Election of 2016, George Soros was very vocal about his support for Hillary Clinton. He believed that Donald Trump is not the right man to head the government as his policies conflicted significantly with the causes supported by George Soros and more information click here. Even though Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the Presidential Election, George Soros continued with his philanthropic efforts and moves to protest against some of the policies that Donald Trump announced would be implemented. George Soros has seen the world transform over the years right in front of him, and due to the keen interest in politics, he knows that making the right moves at the right time can help build a better future for the generations to come. It is why he is in a relentless pursuit to create a government in the future that is all-inclusive and takes care of all its citizens, regardless of their color, background, financial power, or the ethnicity and Follow him

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