Karl Heideck- Car seat law to protect children in PA

The State of Pennsylvania just became one of the states in the United States that have put stringent laws to enhance the safety of children. Legislators in the state have taken a cue from a recent report that was released by AAA showing that road accidents are a leading cause of deaths in children. The law was created as way of creating preventive measure in the transport industry to avoid some of the deaths that are witnesses lately. It is unfortunate that innocent kids have been dying for death causes that are preventable. The state hopes that with the new laws, the number of death will be dealt a blow.

According to attorney Karl Heideck, the deaths that are witnessed in the state can be reduced by this law, if properly implemented. This is a law that will make it mandatory for any car owner in the state to have a special seat for carrying children of less than two years. In the law still, there is a provision that protects children of less than eight years. The highlight of this law has been in the law guarding the safety of children of less than two years. The law will see every parent in the state have a rear facing seat in their car.

Karl Heideck, a prominent lawyer who has written extensively in law states that it is duty for every parent to comply with the law. It will be a punishable offence to have a child in car who is sitting on a normal car seat. The seats specially designed for children should be maintained as so. Karl Heideck adds that according to research that was conducted in the state of PA, it is safer to have a child’s car seat face to the rear than to the front. Children have weak bones which could break easily when subjected to the impact of an accident. The research continues to show that it is harder for children to break their bones when facing the rear of the car.

The law which came into full force this year, recommends that parent who do not obey this rule to be charged in a court of law or be fined $125.

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