All you need to know about Securus Technologies in 3 minutes

Have you ever asked yourself who is responsible for ensuring that prisons are running efficiently? Apart from the government, there are other players involved. One such company is Securus Technologies. They are a prison tech company that operates from Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986 and has expanded significantly over the years.


The company has offices in Atlanta, Allen, Texas, and Carrolton Texas. The company has over one thousand employees, is known to have contracts with 2600 correctional facilities in the US, and serves over 2200 prisons across the US and Canada. In 2016, the company announced that they were going to invest more than 600 million dollars in patents, technologies, and acquisitions.


The leader at Securus Technologies


Richard A. Smith aka Rick is the CEO of Securus Technologies. He became the CEO on June 23, 2008. Before being appointed as the CEO, the board of directors at Securus was confident that his vast experience, his impressive record and a set of skills was right for the company. At that time, Rick had broad experience base in telecommunications. He held several high positions and shined in all the companies he worked. Some of the disciplines he led include operations, IT, finance, and development among others.


Regarding technology, Rick and co remain on top. The technologies they have invested in are something to be proud. Read some of the comments from customers that were published by below


According to one customer, he looks forward to more breakthroughs in technology and excellent client services that Securus Technologies has provided since the first day. Another one noted that the company offers a stable communication platform that enables prisoners to communicate with their loved ones.


In conclusion, Securus Technologies has done an excellent job in ensuring correction facilities are running efficiently. They deserve the credit.