Roberto Santiago and Brazilian Shopping Expertise

Roberto Santiago is the name of the Brazilian businessman who is behind Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping located in Paraiba in Brazil. It’s a wildly popular Joao Pessoa shopping center that welcomes countless customers from all throughout the area on a daily basis. Santiago is extremely well-versed with the shopping mall’s location as well. That’s because he constructed it in a town that’s extremely familiar to him. He was reared in Joao Pessoa. He was even born in the city.


Manaira Shopping is notable for many reasons. The commercial hub, first and foremost, is among the biggest shopping centers in the entire South American nation. Brazil is an enormous country, too, making the size of Manaira Shopping even more impressive and noteworthy. The building of this shopping location took roughly two years to complete. A lot of planning was part of the construction project. Its official launch was in November of 1989. That’s when the mall’s team happily opened its doors to the public in Paraiba.


Roberto Santiago is a capable entrepreneur who is constantly focusing on enhancements. He’s always looking for ways to strengthen Manaira Shopping. Santiago recognized that the shoppers who visit the center appreciate food. They love dining out and savoring excellent meals of all varieties. That information is exactly what encouraged him to make a key addition to Manaira Shopping. The shopping mall introduced a gourmet section back in 2014. This gourmet section is home to a broad range of dining establishments that span many diverse sectors. Capital Steakhouse was an eatery that symbolized the beginning of this exciting and thrilling mall addition. It, as its name suggests, is a restaurant that focuses on high-quality steak meals of all kinds.


People who are hungry and want to eat can visit the gourmet division at Manaira Shopping. They can also visit the on-site food court. This court is large and is full of mouthwatering dining opportunities for shoppers. Shoppers can enjoy all types of food options here. They can dine on classic Brazilian favorites of all kinds if they wish. They can dine on pizza, hamburgers, Asian offerings and beyond as well. Roberto Manaira is an executive who likes to make any and all diners feel 100 percent welcome. He never wants to exclude certain taste preferences.


Domus Hall is a big part of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. It’s a spacious concert venue that’s situated within the shopping center. It includes air conditioning for comfort, too. People who want to unwind and experience high-quality music frequently flock to Domus Hall. This hall has been in operation since the autumn of 2009. It can hold a maximum of 8,000 individuals at a time. It hosts musical performances, fairs and more.


Louis Chenevert: A Champion for UTC

Louis R Chenevert is a Canadian born businessman. Born in Montreal Quebec in 1958 he attended a local Universit HEC Montreal where he earned his bachelor’s in business administration. From there he joined the workforce with General Electric. He stayed with the corporation for 14 years and rose to the position of General Production Manager before leaving. Next, he explored his options with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he signed on in 1993. He was named vice president of operation and later in 1999, President of the company. He stayed on in that role for seven more years until finally in March of 2006 he was hired on by the United Technologies Corporation. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

His first roles with his new company included that of Chief operating officer, president, and director. Later in 2008, he was also named CEO. During his time with UTC, he accomplished some of his most impressive work. When he was first brought on the company was facing hard times. A recession was in full swing and the economy, along with many businesses were suffering. With his guidance, UTC was able to pay out regular dividends to stockholders. Additionally, he raised their initial investment exponentially. Before Chenevert began managing UTC stock prices were $37 a share after his time as CEO they had rose to an astounding $117 a share. Read more about Louis at

Most impressively was how Chenevert was able to accomplish this feat. He did not require large reinvestments into the company nor did he compromise the location of manufacturing plants. He was able to grow the company while paying employees fair wages in the United States. He avoided moving manufacturing facilities from their current locations to less expensive ones. He managed to keep the company’s base in Conneticutt. Louis Chenevert actually managed to keep from laying off engineers like many other companies were forced to. He pushed UTC to become more balanced in its undertakings. Ultimately leading to a healthier mix that allows the company to enjoy security in uncertain times. Thanks to his style of addressing problems Chenevert has been credited as a think tank among experts in the business world.

Gregory Aziz: Chasing a Dream with National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz may be a leading member of the manufacturing community, but he started his life like everyone else on April 30 of 1949 in the town of London Ontario. When it came to business; however, Greg Aziz had a little bit of an advantage. He was born into the family that would launch Affiliated Foods and though the company started small, it still gave Aziz the experience he craved. Gregory James Aziz, or James Aziz as he was sometimes called, decided to attend college to expand his knowledge. He started at Ridley College and then began a degree in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. He came out hungry and ready to tackle the world.


Affiliated Foods would serve as a training ground for Aziz and he joined the company in 1971. He had learned a lot in school, but this would be where he would apply those concepts. For Aziz, the translation to the real world was simple, and he soon enjoyed enormous success. Affiliated Foods started growing exponentially. They became one of the first companies to start importing fresh food. Customers soon started enjoying food from Europe, Central America, and South America. They also start exporting all over the world. This success exploded the company, but Aziz saw potential in another project.


In Hamilton, Ontario the Dofasco company was looking to sell their manufacturing plant for freight cars, National Steel Car. National Steel Car had been around for quite some time. Having been founded in 1912, it quickly gained popularity and wealth. The company began to decline at the onset of the Great Depression and the Dofasco company sought to unload it. Aziz saw the potential and in 1994 he purchased it through his corporation National Industries Inc. Things were soon going to be looking up for the small company.


The first thing that Aziz did was grow the workforce and oversee a complete overhaul of the manufacturing process. In addition to that, he started to focus more on engineering and quality. National Steel Car was not going merely be a manufacturing plant, they were going to be a center for innovation. Gregory James Aziz realized his dream as today, National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading freight car manufacturers. They hold various honors and certifications that put them miles in front of their competition. It is incredible to think that all this growth came from the commitment of one man, Gregory Aziz. See This Article for related information.

Gregory Aziz The Face Behind National Steel Cars

Business man Gregory James Aziz was born in London April 30, 1949. Mr. Aziz attended Ridley College and then majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He joined his family in the wholesale food business in 1971, that business became a worldwide importer of fresh foods. Gregory J. Aziz then went on to work on several investment bank opportunities in New York from the late 80’s to the early 90’s at which time he was able to purchase National Steel Car in 1994. His goal was to transform the company into North America’s leading railroad freight car manufacturer.


Today National Steel car leads in the new car innovation. The company is known for its effective use of technology, innovation, commitment, passion and good customer relationships. They embrace change in a positive way and use technology to their advantage. The designed cars meet and exceed the standards of customers in the railroad industry. National Steel cars has received the TTX SECO award for over a decade. CEO, Gregory Aziz greatly values the efforts of each employee at National Steel Car, all of its supporters and suppliers. This loyalty that Greg Aziz has is the main reason for this company’s success. He is a CEO who is able to focus on things that is for the greater good of the company. Read This Article for more information.


The company participates in Ontario’s food drives and has employed over 2000 Hamilton, Ontario residents. The company also sponsors the Hamilton Opera and the Theater Aquarius among other charities. Gregory and his wife Irene also sponsor the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, which is Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair.


Gregory Aziz is a also known as a family man with a big heart who strives for quality and excellence, he has brought value and commitment to this company thereby contributing to its overall success. His passion to succeed but being loyal to his values makes him stand out as a CEO. The town of Hamilton has become a much better place since Gregory Aziz brought back family values, loyalty, success and jobs to many of its residents. National Steel Car will continue to dominate as the head in its industry with the leadership of Greg Aziz.


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