How ClassDojo Benefits Students, Parents, and Teachers

In educational lexicon “Edtech” is short for Educational Technology. The simplest definition for Edtech is enhanced learning through the use of technology.

Most districts grant teachers the final say on what EdTech products make it into the district’s classroom’s. To earn the approval of educators a program has to satisfy three criteria.

  • The product must fill a real need
  • Must already be proven effective
  • The producer has to provide support after the sale

Students learn best and are more engaged when learning is fun. Programs like ClassDojo are designed to make learning more enjoyable and engaging while providing a helping hand to overworked teachers.

ClassDojo states that its product “Turns classrooms into communities“. Parental involvement is important to a child’s success in the classroom. Talk to teachers and they will tell you that many parents for whatever reason don’t attend parent-teacher conferences.

Building a classroom community means in part that ClassDojo makes it easier for parents to be involved in the classroom. Using any type of electronic device parents can monitor their child’s class in real time. Language barriers are not an issue with ClassDojo. The program acts as its own interpreter converting English into one of more than thirty languages.

There are two ways that teachers can share important information with parents, Class Story and private messaging. Imagine no longer receiving very short notice from your child that they need a costume for a school play or four dozen cupcakes.

ClassDojo enables students to create their own digital record of their classroom achievements. Using a QR Code (barcode)young scholars can access their digital portfolio on any computerized device.

With digital portfolios, students can fill in names on a map in their own writing as they would on a paper map. They can use the Digital Journal feature to reflect on the classroom experience and their own work. Students can create hand-drawn artwork on screen.

ClassDojo allows parents greater involvement in the educational process. It makes it easier for teachers to communicate with parents. Most importantly, ClassDojo motivates students to learn.

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