Barbara Strokes Of Green Structure Homes

For those who are unfamiliar, Barbara Strokes is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes which is based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Green Structure Homes is a construction contractor that is focused on disaster relief. Not only does the company build up manufacturing jobs around their home state, but also Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Minnesota, all to help out and provide support and relief effort over hurricane Harvey. Green Structure is also constructing a variety of modular homes all throughout North America, both residential and commercial. Since the company first came to fruition, they have labeled themselves as purveyors and finders of disaster relief solution. Through the talented staff and their determination to innovate their designs and techniques, they will continue to succeed in their field. Read this article at

Barbara Strokes is at the helm of this growing company and she still has big plans for the company’s future. Barbara is an excellent leader, having attended Mercer University, one of the oldest private universities within the state of Georgia, she easily attained her Degree in Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. During Barbara’s time their, she also studied management, manufacturing, material properties, thermodynamics, and a variety of other subjects, all of which prepared her for her role at Green Structure Homes. Before Started her journey at Green Structure, Barbara spent time working at Boeing and Pisces Corporation, which gave her substantial industry experience and improved her abilities in construction and management.


One of the most important aspects for anyone who finds themselves in a worthy and successful positions, is to give back to where it all came from, the community. Barbara is an advocate for volunteer work and actively supports a host of different charities all doing good work for the community at large and all over the area of Huntsville. As of late, the company has major contracts that have been provided to them by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and even FEMA, which has Green Structure Homes constructing modular homes in relief effort to the effects of hurricane Harvey. Completing this objective and providing relief to as many as possible is Barbara and Green Structure Homes main priority until their completing date which is estimated to be early 2018. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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