How ClassDojo Benefits Students, Parents, and Teachers

In educational lexicon “Edtech” is short for Educational Technology. The simplest definition for Edtech is enhanced learning through the use of technology.

Most districts grant teachers the final say on what EdTech products make it into the district’s classroom’s. To earn the approval of educators a program has to satisfy three criteria.

  • The product must fill a real need
  • Must already be proven effective
  • The producer has to provide support after the sale

Students learn best and are more engaged when learning is fun. Programs like ClassDojo are designed to make learning more enjoyable and engaging while providing a helping hand to overworked teachers.

ClassDojo states that its product “Turns classrooms into communities“. Parental involvement is important to a child’s success in the classroom. Talk to teachers and they will tell you that many parents for whatever reason don’t attend parent-teacher conferences.

Building a classroom community means in part that ClassDojo makes it easier for parents to be involved in the classroom. Using any type of electronic device parents can monitor their child’s class in real time. Language barriers are not an issue with ClassDojo. The program acts as its own interpreter converting English into one of more than thirty languages.

There are two ways that teachers can share important information with parents, Class Story and private messaging. Imagine no longer receiving very short notice from your child that they need a costume for a school play or four dozen cupcakes.

ClassDojo enables students to create their own digital record of their classroom achievements. Using a QR Code (barcode)young scholars can access their digital portfolio on any computerized device.

With digital portfolios, students can fill in names on a map in their own writing as they would on a paper map. They can use the Digital Journal feature to reflect on the classroom experience and their own work. Students can create hand-drawn artwork on screen.

ClassDojo allows parents greater involvement in the educational process. It makes it easier for teachers to communicate with parents. Most importantly, ClassDojo motivates students to learn.

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Roberto Santiago and Brazilian Shopping Expertise

Roberto Santiago is the name of the Brazilian businessman who is behind Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping located in Paraiba in Brazil. It’s a wildly popular Joao Pessoa shopping center that welcomes countless customers from all throughout the area on a daily basis. Santiago is extremely well-versed with the shopping mall’s location as well. That’s because he constructed it in a town that’s extremely familiar to him. He was reared in Joao Pessoa. He was even born in the city.


Manaira Shopping is notable for many reasons. The commercial hub, first and foremost, is among the biggest shopping centers in the entire South American nation. Brazil is an enormous country, too, making the size of Manaira Shopping even more impressive and noteworthy. The building of this shopping location took roughly two years to complete. A lot of planning was part of the construction project. Its official launch was in November of 1989. That’s when the mall’s team happily opened its doors to the public in Paraiba.


Roberto Santiago is a capable entrepreneur who is constantly focusing on enhancements. He’s always looking for ways to strengthen Manaira Shopping. Santiago recognized that the shoppers who visit the center appreciate food. They love dining out and savoring excellent meals of all varieties. That information is exactly what encouraged him to make a key addition to Manaira Shopping. The shopping mall introduced a gourmet section back in 2014. This gourmet section is home to a broad range of dining establishments that span many diverse sectors. Capital Steakhouse was an eatery that symbolized the beginning of this exciting and thrilling mall addition. It, as its name suggests, is a restaurant that focuses on high-quality steak meals of all kinds.


People who are hungry and want to eat can visit the gourmet division at Manaira Shopping. They can also visit the on-site food court. This court is large and is full of mouthwatering dining opportunities for shoppers. Shoppers can enjoy all types of food options here. They can dine on classic Brazilian favorites of all kinds if they wish. They can dine on pizza, hamburgers, Asian offerings and beyond as well. Roberto Manaira is an executive who likes to make any and all diners feel 100 percent welcome. He never wants to exclude certain taste preferences.


Domus Hall is a big part of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. It’s a spacious concert venue that’s situated within the shopping center. It includes air conditioning for comfort, too. People who want to unwind and experience high-quality music frequently flock to Domus Hall. This hall has been in operation since the autumn of 2009. It can hold a maximum of 8,000 individuals at a time. It hosts musical performances, fairs and more.


The Contribution Of Ian King In The Cryptocurrency World

Cryptocurrency has emerged as one of the leading developments in today’s business world. As a result, governments, banks, and several companies have discovered its importance though majority of the world’s population do not understand how it works.

One of the most prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and traders is Ian King with more than twenty years of experience in the business and analysis of the financial markets. His passion in the trade has made him one of the leading contributors of Investopedia; the world’s leading financial content source on the web.

With the focus to help everyday investors, Ian developed an innovative program that enables them navigate litecoin, bitcoin, monero, ripple, and other crypto assets. He began his career working at Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond exchange department as a desk clerk. He later shifted to Citigroup’s credit derivatives before spending a decade at Peahi Capital; a hedge fund based in New York as head trader. In 2017, Ian joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he helped its readers go beyond the flourishing crypto market. King serves as a weekly contributor of Sovereign Investor Daily, Banyan Hill where he keeps the readers updated of the new crypto developments.

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Ian King views crypto as a vital change in the way of transferring value without the need of middle people. It is a unique development that has democratized information in the Internet world and inspired cooperation in business. Consequently, investors are entering the market before participation of institutions because most of them have not determined custodian and security issues according to Cryptocurrency markets have also created the accessibility of early-stage investments that have significantly benefited the investors.

While there has been a rapid increase in the number of wallets in the recent past, investors have not transferred their brokerage and savings accounts into the cryptocurrency world. According to Ian King, there are approximately 30 million open bitcoin wallets globally though most investors own a few so that the actual number of traders with bitcoins is about 10 million. While most of the Main Street entrepreneurs and investors have been waiting for great opportunities, their Wall Street counterparts have continued to prosper.

With the previous entry barriers removed, prominent investors have seen the potential of the crypto development. Additionally, the gains and markets will continue to increase with the gradual introduction of institutional money. Ian says the determining factor from 2018 and beyond is the percentage that an investor wants to own and their other best bet crypto assets.

Susan McGalla Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Women supporting women in corporations helps to bring gender inclusive companies to the current times. No matter how many steps forward women take in business the numbers still speak volumes. The majority of corporations with men at the highest positions are globally shocking. The United States is ahead of most countries, but no where near where women like Susan McGalla want to see it.

When you think of football it’s immediate that this industry is male dominated. Even though the daughter of a football coach with two brothers stands at the Vice President position of the Steelers organization. Susan McGalla understands the rules of the game, both on the field and in the boardroom. Her skills at working well with diverse groups of people have helped to make her an executive to watch.

A graduate of Mount Union College in Ohio, Susan’s degree in business and marketing was just the beginning of what would soon be an enviable career. Susan is well known for her position as President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle. With Susan at the helm the company started the aerie and 77kids brands. After several ventures she was Chief Merchandising Officer for Wet Seal, Inc. and then founded her own executive consulting business. From there she was offered her current position as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan’s work with women in business is well known in the industry. Her understanding of the difficulties moving to the top present for women. She is no stranger to what doesn’t work and has inside working knowledge of what could. Susan McGalla speaks about an idea of sponsorship in the workplace. The idea would help women by giving them an opportunity through a mentor or sponsor that could see their potential and simply put give them opportunity where they may not have been. Her ideas are forward thinking and she is sure to make a change.

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Barbara Strokes Of Green Structure Homes

For those who are unfamiliar, Barbara Strokes is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes which is based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Green Structure Homes is a construction contractor that is focused on disaster relief. Not only does the company build up manufacturing jobs around their home state, but also Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Minnesota, all to help out and provide support and relief effort over hurricane Harvey. Green Structure is also constructing a variety of modular homes all throughout North America, both residential and commercial. Since the company first came to fruition, they have labeled themselves as purveyors and finders of disaster relief solution. Through the talented staff and their determination to innovate their designs and techniques, they will continue to succeed in their field. Read this article at

Barbara Strokes is at the helm of this growing company and she still has big plans for the company’s future. Barbara is an excellent leader, having attended Mercer University, one of the oldest private universities within the state of Georgia, she easily attained her Degree in Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. During Barbara’s time their, she also studied management, manufacturing, material properties, thermodynamics, and a variety of other subjects, all of which prepared her for her role at Green Structure Homes. Before Started her journey at Green Structure, Barbara spent time working at Boeing and Pisces Corporation, which gave her substantial industry experience and improved her abilities in construction and management.


One of the most important aspects for anyone who finds themselves in a worthy and successful positions, is to give back to where it all came from, the community. Barbara is an advocate for volunteer work and actively supports a host of different charities all doing good work for the community at large and all over the area of Huntsville. As of late, the company has major contracts that have been provided to them by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and even FEMA, which has Green Structure Homes constructing modular homes in relief effort to the effects of hurricane Harvey. Completing this objective and providing relief to as many as possible is Barbara and Green Structure Homes main priority until their completing date which is estimated to be early 2018. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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White Shark Media Is Here To Make Sure You’re Not Overpaying For AdWords

Whether you’re a brand new business or a longtime e-commerce company, your marketing strategy always has to stay current with the times and that includes using search engine marketing like Google Adwords. If you’re new to AdWords, you might wonder whether they’re worth the cost. Yes, it does cost money to bid on keywords and to run your campaigns, but you get visibility on more than just search engines such as having your business listed on YouTube or Gmail. If you’ve been using AdWords for quite a while, maybe you’ve bid pretty high on keywords and found yourself losing money or the ads eating into your revenue. But that’s where the company White Shark Media can make a difference.

White Shark Media does thorough studies of keywords and campaign metrics and knows the tricks to setting up ads that don’t cost a fortune. They can gauge what’s working to bring traffic into your website and give you tips on how all that traffic can be turned into actual sales leads. White Shark Media is trustworthy because they’re one of the few companies reviewed by Google that have met the requirements necessary to be a Small to mid-sized business partner with them. Even as good as you might think your AdWords are, you should still hear what White Shark Media’s specialists have to say.

What White Shark Media does to show how they can improve your AdWords performance is offer a free evaluation if you call them or go to their website to sign up for it. What happens is a representative will meet with you in a screen sharing session and explain step-by-step how the process works and how your AdWords campaigns can be changed. They will not actually change anything until you hire them, and if you don’t want to hire them you’re not pressured to do so. But more often than not, potential customers are happy with what they hear.

Dr. Mark Holterman Is a Trusted Professor

Dr. Mark Holterman is not the type of person who ever shies away from leaning. He’s a renowned pediatric physician who lives and works in Peoria in Illinois. He has a grasp of clinical medicine that’s untouchable. His scientific researching abilities are impossible to ignore as well. Dr. Mark Holterman is a fan of advanced

technologies that move causes that mean so much to him ahead. He understands that technology can propel therapeutic techniques of all varieties. He believes that they can be helpful in the management of a vast assortment of medical conditions. Dr. Holterman sets aside a lot of time for disease research. Know more on

Dr. Mark Holterman has a professor position with the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Peoria. He teaches many students about pediatrics and surgery. His many focuses encompass medical research and even surgical care matters. He talks to students at length about the surgical care of young children and infants alike. This doctor instructs both surgical residents and general medical students. Dr. Mark Holterman is nothing if not ambitious and driven. He wants to essentially transform the feel of medicine on a vast international scale. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Dr. Holterman is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at a firm that’s called Mariam Global Health. He established it, too. It’s an international business management and investment company that concentrates on all kinds of diverse global health issues and concepts. Dr. Mark Holterman has been a big part of the Mariam Global Health team since 2012.

This professional knows about the busy and often hectic life of a knowledgeable professor. He worked for the University of Illinois at Chicago in the past. He got a job as a professor with the institution of higher learning in the summer of 1997. He stayed there until the winter of 2010 as well. Dr. Mark Holterman worked hard on organizing translational and standard research programs there.

This professor speaks English fluently. He also can speak Spanish. His favorite subjects include regenerative medicine, antiviral therapy, life sciences and molecular biology. He thinks about these things on a routine basis.


Louis Chenevert: A Champion for UTC

Louis R Chenevert is a Canadian born businessman. Born in Montreal Quebec in 1958 he attended a local Universit HEC Montreal where he earned his bachelor’s in business administration. From there he joined the workforce with General Electric. He stayed with the corporation for 14 years and rose to the position of General Production Manager before leaving. Next, he explored his options with Pratt & Whitney Canada where he signed on in 1993. He was named vice president of operation and later in 1999, President of the company. He stayed on in that role for seven more years until finally in March of 2006 he was hired on by the United Technologies Corporation. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

His first roles with his new company included that of Chief operating officer, president, and director. Later in 2008, he was also named CEO. During his time with UTC, he accomplished some of his most impressive work. When he was first brought on the company was facing hard times. A recession was in full swing and the economy, along with many businesses were suffering. With his guidance, UTC was able to pay out regular dividends to stockholders. Additionally, he raised their initial investment exponentially. Before Chenevert began managing UTC stock prices were $37 a share after his time as CEO they had rose to an astounding $117 a share. Read more about Louis at

Most impressively was how Chenevert was able to accomplish this feat. He did not require large reinvestments into the company nor did he compromise the location of manufacturing plants. He was able to grow the company while paying employees fair wages in the United States. He avoided moving manufacturing facilities from their current locations to less expensive ones. He managed to keep the company’s base in Conneticutt. Louis Chenevert actually managed to keep from laying off engineers like many other companies were forced to. He pushed UTC to become more balanced in its undertakings. Ultimately leading to a healthier mix that allows the company to enjoy security in uncertain times. Thanks to his style of addressing problems Chenevert has been credited as a think tank among experts in the business world.

Waiakea Water, Best Water Ever

Waiakea Water has been rated to be one of the best waters of 2017. Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea water in 2012. The water comes from the natural volcanic waters in Hawaii. In fact, the water is filtered through Mauna Loa volcano. Waiakea water is filled with electrolytes and gives the body natural hydration, energy, and minerals. Waiakea water can even reduced someone chances of obtaining the alzheimer’s disease by 11% since the water has silica in it.

Waiakea has been doing great humane things in order to make the world a better place. Recently Emmons and his water company helped give millions of people in rural places of Africa access to clean water. Even though water is essential to living, some third world countries in Africa do not have access to it. Waiakea water partnered with Pump Aid to provide many Africans with clean water. In the end, more than 500 million liters of water was donated. Visit to know more.


Waiakea water is sold worldwide, including throughout different states across the United States. One of Waiakea’s whole sell stores is specialty food. Specialty Food is proud to become Waiakea’s wholesaler. In addition to Waiakea having several health benefits, they also are one of the greenest water companies that have been published so far.

Waiakea is the first company to produce 100% recycled water bottles. In 2018 Waiakea water will be publishing world’s first fully degradable bottle. This is extremely exciting. Even the bottles were used by using all recyclable plastic. People are more willing to buy Waiakea’s products since they are good for the environment. Even though some products say that they are recyclable, they turn out not to be. Sales for Waiakea water has increased more than 4000% throughout the years. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Waiakea is doing an amazing job with saving the world since it usually takes more than 1,000 years for a bottle to degrade. Their new bottles will be able to degrade immediately. Waiakea has taken the first step to make the world a better place.


The most Amazing Ways of Maximizing Social Security by David Girtz.

According to research by Nationwide Retirement Institute, where about 900 people of age 50 years and above were interviewed, most people approaching retirement have a misconception about social security funds. This fact makes them have less income or unexpected taxes for retirement. To be précised, 30% of the retired people receive benefits less than they expected because they are unaware of factors that the number of social security funds. During the study, the retirees were categorized into three groups; future retirees, recent retirees and 10-plus retirees and interviewed. 86% of the future retirees were unable to identify the factors influencing the amount of the social security fund.

According to David Girtz, the retirement amount is influenced by only two factors. These include time of collection of social security funds and taxation. An individual becomes eligible for social security fund at the age of 62 which is much earlier than full retirement age according to the government scheme. If an individual takes the money at this age, it taxed and also fails to earn interest.

People are therefore encouraged to be patient until the benefits stop increasing. For example, if you become legible for the fund at the age of 66, you are advised to wait up to the age of 70 and get the full monthly benefit. Apart from the time of collection of funds, taxation also reduces the resources. Social security fund is considered as an income and is therefore liable to taxation if taken before retirement age. David Girtz, therefore, advised take their funds after retirement when it is free from tax, and it gains much interest.

The above advice is being given by David Girtz, an accomplished, innovative, inspirational and visionary leader with 30 years of experience in the Progressive Financial Services Industry. He has two degrees; Bachelor of Science and MBA from Milliken University and the University of Miami respectively. David Girtz has worked in the following financial institutions and made significant improvements; President of Nationwide Financial and Distribution, president nationwide Distributor urgency, Regional vice president of the Southeastern USA among others.